Recycling Program

PIPS educates and donates a recycling station for the Cherng Talay community.

Recycling Program It has long been recognized that the increase in Phuket's tourism industry is placing a burden on the island's waste collection and disposal infrastructure. With 50% of the of waste generated being disposed of in Phuket's single incinerator, the balance has to go into a landfill which is rapidly reaching capacity with no short-term alternative available.

Phuket's hotels have long standing arrangements with recyclers to reduce their impact on Phuket's environment whilst the development of residential estates have not focussed on how their rubbish is dealt with effectively. Phuket has a large informal recycling sector with the underprivileged fulfilling the role of collecting recyclables within local communities and selling it to the recycle centers. Due to the levels of security employed at developments with a prepon- derance of foreign owners, the recyclables are just mixed into the general rubbish as the local recyclers can not access the rubbish areas in these high security compounds.

PIPS, together with Indigo Real Estate and Chiang Mai campaigner "Big Bin", initiated an educational day for the staff of all the major property management companies.

Pathyarak, founder of Big Bin, presided over a fun day of learning attended by over 40 staff from PIPS, CB Richard Ellis, Phuket Villas and Homes, Jones Lange Lasalle, Knight Frank, Phuket Marbella and Shibumi Property Management. During the day, the staff were shown how refuse can have a negative impact on the local environment, how to identify items for recycling and how they can implement recycling practices in the work place and at home.

PIPS staff, supported by the Companies Manage- ment team have since implemented a program whereby all homes managed or rented by PIPS will have certain items set aside for recycling and brought to PIPS' central recycling station. The Company has invested 20,000 Baht in suitably labeled bins, located at PIPS offices, to assist in reducing the burden on an already strained refuse system.

The bins provided are open to anyone wishing to have their refuse effectively dealt with and welcome enquiries on exactly what to recycle. Currently there are bins provided for glass (Brown, Green and Clear), Plastic Bottles (Clear and frost/ white) and Aluminium / tin cans. Additional bins for Tetra-pack cartons and other recyclables will be added as demand dictates.

PIPS has donated the bins and will also transport the recyclables to the centre in Ban Don on a regular basis. Funds generated from the sale of recyclables will be used for PIPS Staff and community projects.

Located over the road from Cherng Talay Lotus Tesco's in Soi Ao Bang Tao 1, opposite the offices of the Cherng Talay Or Bor Tor, the recycle station is open 24 hrs.