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Recycling Program

PIPS educates and donates a recycling station for the Cherng Talay community. It has long been recognized that the increase in Phuket's tourism industry is placing a burden on the island's waste collection and disposal infrastructure, ...

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Dude, where’s my jewelry

Ms. C, we have to be politically correct these days, had very high expectations of her staff. No local management or cleaning company staffs were good enough and only the best would do. Having coaxed a member of staff from Amantridala resort, ...

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Furnishing fundamentals

"Madam Anne" is one of our favorite clients. I recall meeting up with her many years ago when she and Jimmy bought their home. They were getting settled in and looking for someone to assist them with getting the house organized so ...

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Phuket’s property perks and pitfalls

Almost every owner will ask their rental agent during the early stages of their investigations into rental opportunities, "What can I expect my rental returns to be?" An answer of, "What would you like them to be?"....

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Big Cleanup Day

The Cherng Talay Or Bor Tor hosted the "Cherng Talay Big Clean Up Day" on the morning of Tuesday 03 March 2009. Volunteers from many of Cherng Talay sub- districts hotels and businesses, including Surin, Bang Tao and Layan, participated in the cleanup of refuse along the major roads in the area. ...

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Newly upgraded

It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to the new website which has recently completed beta testing and has now gone live...

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